Cathryn Dylan (Young Woman)

Cathryn Dylan is an incredibly talented young actress and a recent graduate of Carnegie Melon University (BFA Acting '15). Cathryn's film credits include Frat Star and First Kiss, and she has appeared as a special guest star in episodes of NBC's Law and Order: SVU and ABC's Grey's Anatomy. 


Chris Gann (Father)

Chris Gann is a veteran stunt performer and actor. He began his career as a world and national champion Jet Ski racer and moved to Los Angeles to become the original "Mariner" in Water World at Universal Studios. Since then, Chris has guest starred in dozens of films and television shows, including FOX's 24, ABC's General Hospitaland CBS's NCIS: Los Angeles, and Tyler Perry's Saints & Sinners to name a few. Chris also received a Screen Actor's Guild nomination for his work in Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.